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I carry a shoulder rig when wearing a jacket on my scoot, but during the warm times (like right now its 83 and im heading out for a ride) I just wear it in a ITP holster under an untucked cut off shirt under my colors (for you non-motorcycle folks the vest with club colors on the back). I will say, it I cant reach it immediatly (ie under a coat) it goes into a shoulder rig. I needed it once and it was burried under layers of colors and heavy coat. Ever seen a Emerson CQC-7 stuck in the head of a mad rotty? (no I didnt pull over, I was stuck in traffic and couldnt go anywhere and my daughter was on the back so I had to do something) Damm that sucked. So I congradulate you for the sharp idea of the shoulder rig.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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