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We had one in 22 LR.. Its gone.. Had a trigger pull over 20 lbs.. REALLY hard trigger because of the rimfire ammo. .. From what I understand, the center fire Ruger revolvers do have a nice trigger pull, but our .22 LR was unusable...bob
beebee tells the TRUTH. I have an LCR .22lr and I absolutely have to use both trigger fingers to pull the trigger. Hubby, ShooterGramps, has an LCR .22 magnum and the trigger pull is way harder.

On any of the guns listed above make sure you are not getting her a DA/SA trigger. There is NOT ONE I've tried that I can pull the trigger on that first double action shot.

A lot of people recommend the brands above, none of which I've ever shot, BUT:

I recently bought a Bersa BP380cc which is not the most wonderful gun out there, but it is not picky about ammo, has no external safety, and has fairly soft recoil. I have severe arthritis in my thumb and total collapse of the wrist bones in my right hand. I cannot rack the slide on any semi auto I've tried (I have NOT tried them all, obviously) but with my HandiRacker plastic "gizzy" and my UpLula magazine loader I do just fine, thank you. The only thing I cannot do with the Bersa is take it apart or put it back together because of the strange take down system. I do clean my own guns, but have to have Gramps take that one apart for me.

My normal carry gun is a Glock model 42 .380. I also use the HandiRacker and the UpLula for it. Trigger pull is just a tad heavier than the Bersa is now. The Bersa needs several hundred rounds through it to smooth out the terribly gritty trigger and make the pull at least feel lighter. The Glock shoots perfectly right out of the box. There is no comparison in quality of "building materials" between the two. The Glock is what I recommend if it is in your budget AND if she can shoot it.

I do not recommend any 9mm in a size that would be for carry. Not for extremely arthritic hands. I had to sell my Glock 26 and am about to part with my Glock 19 because I can no longer handle the recoil that used to not bother me at all.
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