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This may me in the wrong place - If so I apologize.

I work with a fellow who is a Certified Welding Inspector from California who currently resides in Kentucky. He rides his bike (HD with saddle bags) to and from work. He does not have a Kentucky CCDW permit. Today he asked me how /if he could carry his pistol on the bike. frankly I done a about and hour's worth searching and I could not come up with a boni-fied answer.

I did find, " Kentucky also allows weapons to be hidden from view in any factory-installed vehicle compartment. Console boxes, seat pockets, glove compartments or trunks are among the acceptable areas for unlicensed concealment. from: Kentucky

Since he owns property in KY, I guess he is a KY resident - I did not ask. He may still be licensed for California. Perhaps that plays into the grand scheme of things, no?

thanks for the input, folks

my best,
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