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carrying a fixed blade?

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Folder and fixed blade are equally legal for anyone to conceal here in CO (within the 3.5 inch blade length legal limit). I have been carrying a folder, but I would like to alternate carrying it with carrying my fixed blade. I have not yet figured out a good way to carry it so the hilt doesn't stick out and the kydex sheath doesn't poke me.

If you carry a fixed blade, what's your favorite method?
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I don't carry a fixed blade but, if you do decide to carry any knife also make sure of what blade type you are allowed to addition to the blade length.
Some states will not allow any dagger type blade.
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I rarely carry a fixed blade, but when I do carry my MOD Razorback, it's tucked IWB at the 2 o'clock position. I'm skinny, so it doesn't jab me.
My only fixed blade (White Hunter) is way too massive as well as illegal for carry.

main downside for me is a fixed is effectively more clutter on my (already overburdened) belt. So a folder suits way better. I do also tho like the idea when hiking of having a large fixed blade in a leg sheath - strapped to calf - very discrete, if a tad slow to access.
+1 on neck carry
I carry a Emerson La Grife behind my neck badge and if I carry a fixed blade it is an CRKT Kasper Companion and I do so with an ITP holster (came with the knife) on the right rear just above my wallet.
My fixed blade carry choise is a CS push dagger or a Le Griffe. I use neck carry.
If it's legal, fixed blade is the way to go (at least for your primary).
I carry a CRKT Companion. Depending on what I'm wearing, I either use the factory sheath OWB, or a custom IWB "drawpoint" sheath from Shawn's Tactical. Regardless of the sheath, I carry at 2:00 with the sheath oriented for a reverse grip draw.
IWB, 02.00 o'clock, Reverse Grip Edge In method.

Certainly not a neck knife carry; the best way to meet FUBAR if you can't preempt, are taken with your pants down, white code and all.

If not IWB, then in centerline, near the belt buckle. As possible, with
the scales downward. Edge of the knife being up.
QKShooter said:
make sure of what blade type you are allowed to addition to the blade length.
Good point, QKShooter! Laws are always written by tricky lawyers. I did check this; for the reference of my fellow forum members from Colorado, the relevant statute is 18-12-201, defining and listing illegal weapons, which includes this basic definition:

"Knife" means any dagger, dirk, knife, or stiletto with a blade over three and one-half inches in length, or any other dangerous instrument capable of inflicting cutting, stabbing, or tearing wounds, but does not include a hunting or fishing knife carried for sports use. The issue that a knife is a hunting or fishing knife must be raised as an affirmative defense.

It then goes on to specify various illegal knives like "gravity knife", "ballistic knife", and "switchblade".

Apparently a "ballistic" knife is one which can shoot a detachable blade somehow... That was a new one on me.

So I think any type of blade under 3.5 inches is not illegal per se. However, if you carry a pistol or knife in Colorado either as a resident or visitor, don't depend on my word. You can read all Colorado CWP and weapons laws at
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Both kenpotex and TheBCollector recommend reverse grip at 2:00.

My main defensive weapon is a G21 or G27 (I'm not seriously contemplating knife fighting), which I carry at 9:00. I am a left-hand shooter and a right-hand knife user, so the 2:00 position would be quite logical for me.

Let me see if I am envisioning this correctly. The single-edge knife is vertical in the sheath with the edge pointing to the right. The right hand grabs it and pulls it out so the blade is sticking out of the bottom of the fist and the edge is pointing toward me. I think this is the "pikal" style of grip, right?
I carry Murray Carters "original" neck knife ALL the time... IWB.
I drilled a small hole in the top edge of the kydex sheath's outer layer (facing the pant, bottom side of the handle) and looped a small piece of para cord through it. When I stick the sheath just behind the hip the loop droops over the pant and I run my belt through it. No chafing, no pain, no rubbing, no problem. I forget its there and it rides with enough stability. It is the best knife and carry method I have found yet and I have been using knives every day for the past 20 years.
You can find one at Arizona custom knives.
Fred Perrin does a variation on the IWB- he uses a thick braided lanyard, and a "leash" attached to the bottom of the sheath. The leash is attached to your belt/beltloop,and the knife is tucked down the side of your pants, with the lanyard hanging out. Draw is basically running your thumb along your waistline, until you feel the lanyard, thumb and index fingers colse on the lanyard, and jerk upwards. The fingers close around the grip, as it comes out of your pants. Removal from the sheath is accomplished by reaching the end of the leash. Works best with blades 4" or less.

I've played with this;but my overall preference is grip "out" carry,IWB. This would be a good totally out-of-sight method,though.

I believe pics are either on Don Rearic's site,or at the Perrin link from there.
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If I feel the need for a fixed blade, I'll go with my Gerber Commando which rides in a really neat sheath attached to my SAM ANDREWS shoulder rig. To draw the knife grab the handle which is extended from the side of the "off side" of the holster harness and give a sharp yank DOWNWARD and it snaps free! The sheath snaps onto the spare mag holders that mount horizontally in stacked fashion. Awesome arrangement. look at accessories for the Monarch rig.
kenpotex said:
If it's legal, fixed blade is the way to go (at least for your primary)...Regardless of the sheath, I carry at 2:00 with the sheath oriented for a reverse grip draw.
You know, I'm coming to the same conclusion. I've got a number of clip folder knives including Emerson Commander (on me now), Emerson mini-Commander (on me now), Emerson Karambit (no, it's not on me now, what kinda guy carries three kinves? Hmmm...), a Spyderco Native and a favorite Strider/Buck/Tarani.

They're all great knives, but even with the Wave feature on the Emersons' they're nowhere near as fast or as reliable as a fixed blade would be. I think you could bring a fixed blade in to action from the 2:00 position in a reverse grip (or ice pick grip as it's sometimes called) so fast it'd be a blur.
I am also in Colorado. I carry a Benchmade resistor with a 3.4 inch blade. It comes with a nifty sheath which I use to carry IWB around 5 o clock

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