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CBST a multi-gun holster that works - gotta love it!

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I just picked up a used S&W 908 (budget 3913) and after making sure it was reliable, I wanted to go ahead and give it it's first carry day. I've been carrying a Sig P239 in a Crossbreed SuperTuck and since they are both very similar in size I figured why not try it out. The CBST's kydex is molded specifically for a P239, but since the backside is all leather the gun never "snaps" in like kydex-only holsters. I was a little worried that it might slide or wiggle around, but after trying it out...success!

Here are some shots.

It's always nice when an existing holster works well for different guns.
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Wow. That thing really does disappear.
Great illustration. Weapon concealment at it's best..!

What type clips are you using..?
Velcro clips & the belt is a velcro lined one from Crossbreed. The clips work great for concealment and they have no problem supporting the weight. The only problem I've had with them is after extended wear (say a whole summer) the velcro starts to slowly slide off the clip. It's not a huge deal because I'll just repositioned them and maybe add a bit of rubber cement and they're good for another several months.
Pics didn't come through on my end.
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