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Sorry for the short notice this was a closed course but now it has opened up to the public!

12/13/09 SUNDAY Starting @ 9am


This course is designed to develop a solid foundation of shooting skills with the M4/ carbine rifle. The student will quickly gain experience and confidence, increasing their skill level with the handgun and carbine and learning to use both in a tactical situation.

Prerequisites: Basic Pistol Skills

Cost: $150.00


• Safety 4 Firearms Safety Rules
• Fundamentals of Marksmanship Focusing on Front Sight & Trigger Control
• Malfunctions Drills Type I, Type II, Type III & Status Check
• Nomenclature
• Armorer Maintenance & Proper Lubrication
• Magazine Changes & Weapons Handling Skills
• Shooting behind cover and from barricades
• Transition from Carbine to Handgun

This is a Fundamentals course that stresses Safety, Handling skills and Marksmanship. This course or its equivalent must be mastered before a student can progress to CCJA Tactical / Carbine 2 training.

Ammunition Requirements: 500 rounds Carbine 100 rounds of Handgun

Gear: Rifle / Carbine M4, AR-15, M16, AK, H&K, FN
Tactical Sling,(3) 30 Round Magazines, Magazine pouch, Handgun in Semi-auto
Strong side holster, 3 Magazines, Magazine pouch, Handheld Light / pouch, Spare Batteries, Knee Pads, Water and Snacks, Wrap Around Eye Protection (clear) Ear Protection (electronic muffs recommended) Baseball style hat, Gloves, Weapons Lube & tools, spare parts or spare firearms.

Tom P.
[email protected]
(540) 322-3000 office
(540) 846-7088 cell

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Unless you are holding the course at a police owned range, why would they ever be closed? This is especially true in today's economy.

How about is was a closed course that a group put together. They did not want to do tactical drills with people they did not know.
Now that it is open enrollment we will do basic stuff.

We had 20 now that 5 got deployed they have allowed me to open it up to the public.

I hope this answers your ?

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