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CCW Class Sunday July 9

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Well its confirmed my class is set for July 9, what should i expect to see in this class here in KY... what all will i have to go through and what do i have to pass... im sure there is a test so what kind of ? will be on it..
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I took my CCW class in KY last summer, and the class and range qualification was held same day.

The class was 8 hours (9-5, 8-4 or something like that) and held on a Saturday. The first hour or two of the class consisted of a videotape of speakers basically reading the law to you. One guy on the tape had one of the most monotone voices I've ever heard. Class also covered weapons safety, defensive scenarios, etc. There is a written test at the end of class. If you pay attention in class, you'll pass the test no problem.

After the class everyone drove to the range for weapons qualification. 20 or 25 shots were fired at a silohoutte target at 7 yards. As I recall something like 80% of the shots had to hit the target but I'm not sure what the accuracy requirements were.

I thought had a problem with my stance and had to re-shoot as all my shots were going to the right. It turns out I later discovered I was cross-eye dominant.

You'll need to bring notepad, #2 pencil, your handgun and 50 rounds of ammo to class with you. If you have a cleaning kit you can bring that too, in case they cover cleaning though we didn't use ours that day. Bring your gun in a case of some sort, not out in the open.

Hope this helps.
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A really boring 2-3 hour video, with different lawyers speaking. Although it is funny hearing a lawyer say nun-chuks.

Some instruction on gun safety, cleaning, little on marksmanship. You'll have to demonstrate that you can field strip your handgun.

An incredibly easy shoot at a larger than normal man sized target at 7 yards. 11/20 shots must hit the black. Case in point, I'm not a super great shot and after 10 shots, I got bored and was shooting the sleeves/head. I'd recommend bringing a .22 as it's even easier and cheaper. If you're taking it at Fayette Firearms in Lexington, they'll provide .22's and ammo for you because the range they use doesn't allow anything bigger.

Written test that's multiple choice. If you're slightly familiar with KY law you can pass it before the course starts. If you pay attention there's no reason to miss any questions.

Personally, I was surprised it was so easy, but then again, it's a right, so it shouldn't be very difficult.
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