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I saw a list of celebs who carried a while back. I did a search for it on this forum, others, and the general Internet and found nothing. I was just wondering if some action actors actually carry a weapon. If you have any information, feel free to tell!

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I think Tom Selleck is pretty Pro-Gun.

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The List:

Beck, Glenn
Blake, Robert
Burroughs, William S.
Cain, Dean
Carey, Drew
Clancy, Tom
Cobain, Kurt
Conrad, Robert
Di Santi, John
Doyle, Jerry
Drier, Fred
Earnhart jr., Dale
Estrada, Eric
Geller, Sara Michelle
Gibson, Mel
Gordon Liddy, G.
Grover, Robert
Hannity, Sean
Heston, Charlton
Hetfield, James
Imus, Don
Jackson, Bo
Johnson, Don
Jones, Chipper
Limbaugh, Rush
Malone, Karl
Mashak, Benjamin
Mashak, Benjamin
Mathers, Jerry
McRainey, Gerald
Millius, John
Morley, Nathan
Morley, Nathan
Muller, Mancow
Nugent, Ted
O' Donut, Rosie
Osbourne, Ozzy
Parker, Jameson
Popper, John
Rock, Kid
Rock, Kid
Russell, Kurt
Ryan, Nolan
S. Burroughs, William
Savage, Michael
Schroeder, Rick
Seagal, Steven
Selleck, Tom
stack, robert
Stein, Ben
Stern, Howard
Swchanegger, Aronld
Timm, Chip
Torme, Mel
Tyler, Steve
Wayne, John
Williams Jr., Hank
Willis, Bruce
Yankovic, Wierd Al
Yockey, Jerrett


-, Kennedy
Brady, Sara
Burke, Delta
Coulter, Ann
Davis, Geena
Derek, Bo
Dhue, Laurie
Easterbrook, Leslie
Geller, Sara Michelle
Gray, Erin
Howard, Susan
Ingraham, Laura
Jovovich, Milla
Lockhart, Anne
Mandrell, Barbara
Mandrell, Irlene
Mandrell, Louise
Parker, Andrea
Parton, Dollie
Prepon, Laura
Ryan, Jeri
Shepard, Cybil
Shue, Elizabeth

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Actually, I posted a list of celebrities that were pro-gun for everyone, not just themselves. Many are listed above, but Rosie O, Sarah Brady and Arnold Schwarzenegger certainly weren't on it. Other PRO-GUN celebrities include Demi Moore, James Earl Jones, Johnny Depp, Clint Eastwood and John Stossel.
Depp is featured in the latest issue of America's First Freedom.

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Weird Al is probably the most shocking name for me to see on that list. I don't know why, but he's just never struck me as the type.
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