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Check this out!

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How funny is this dude?

Here Is The LINK


Edited out dead link ~ QKShooter
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He must have been eating some KFC beforehand, huh P95Carry? :stups: Or was it just that hand lotion he used to keep his hands soft and tender? Maybe "Baby Soft"?

What a hoot!

:banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:
Darn - link won't open for me :frown: - error 404.

Hmmm - methinks greasy fingers eh! :wink:
It can also cause strange links to appear on your computer while surfing.......
Thx R&G but no go - wierd!
That's weired it opens just fine for me and I am guessing Rock and Glock was able to open it?

I'll try it again.

I am forum browsing with Opera but throw unknown links in IE - as Opera can freeze with some code content. Usually it does the trick.
That one worked .. i would Call butterfingers
Thx for that Grant - got it!!! In fact I think I saw it as a vid clip a while ago.

Anyways - it is a classic!! Could well have been KFC grease :18:
I use Mozilla Firefox.
Very poor weapon presentation.
I think the BG needs a new line of work. Perhaps a delivery man, he seems to be able to move pretty quick.
Only one word for that.........................OOPS!

More likely.........................$H!T
Yep, KFC chicken. If you look real close you can see the KFC napkin in his front pocket. J/K.
I've heard of a throw away gun, but I think he was a bit ahead of himself.:smile:
In the Famous words of Red Foreman "What a Dumb A$$"
FUNNY stuff!! Gun flew out of his hands LOL
Ti Carry,

Nice video...I'd give a dime to know what the "perp" was saying to himself as he ran out the door.
Bud White said:
That one worked .. i would Call butterfingers
......... But he sure could run! :rofl:
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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