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Cheers from San Antonio

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Hello everyone. Just wanted tointroduce myself and say hello from this furnace of a place called San Antonio. I sure hope you guys up North enjoy those summers you have. You can't even go outside after 8:00a.m. more less try to get out to the range. It's boiling here.

Well I look forward to chatting with you guys. I hope I can contibute to the quality of the forum you guys seems to upkeep.


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Hi Jason - from the currently not so frozen North :smilez:

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Welcome to CC, Jason :wave:

I went through USAF basic training at Lackland AFB in San was in Oct-Nov and I was still sweating buckets...:yup:
Welcome to the forum.
Welcome - :smile:
Welcome from Colorado......... where in the summer we sleep under a light blanket! Stay cool down there. :wave: :wave:
Work took us from San Antonio last Spring...We kept our House there though :smile:

Too hot??? Never

Jason, 'Hello' from North Texas where we've got lots of heat but no River Walk. Welcome to the forum.
Welcome from Rocky Top Tennessee
Hi Panic....welcome to the forum.
Hi there! welcome to the forum!!!
Welcome from Alabama where at this moment it is a balmy 91 with about 60% humidity.
Welcome from Washington. I think we have all the wet your weather is trying to boil.
A Western welcome to you. I remember being cold with some snow at Camp Bullis one winter. Go down to the River Walk and have a cool margarita at Casa Rio if it is still there.:wave:
Dr_CMG I'm originally from Mobile, AL. It just as hot there.

Team America, I went through basic training in December/January of 97'. It was hot then as well. Last year we had 100 degrees everyday for the first week in November.
Welcome from another Texan.
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