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CHL Instructor in Texas - Insights?

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I'm thinking about getting the necessary training and certifications to become a CHL instructor in Texas. I'd be interested in others experience and insight who have done this. To be honest, I haven't been terribly impressed with the few CHL Instructors I've met.

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What information are you looking for?

Do you have an idea of where you would teach the classes, and what range you will use to qualify?

How many other CHL instructors are there in your area?

Is this going to be just a fun thing to do for you, or are you really looking to make some money at it?
I live in the Cypress area, so I was thinking I'd find a LGS in the area that would either let me use space or use my services for x-hours each week/month. Of course, I'd prefer to have my own little business. (You need help? LOL) As for ranges, I've got several within a reasonable distance I could work with.

As for my ultimate goals, I honestly won't know how far I want to go with it until I start doing it. I may love it, I may hate it.

My reasons for even considering it include my interest in gun safety for me and others, stepping up my skills, helping others achieve a goal, and making some extra spending cash. Honestly, I was very unimpressed with my instructor, which could possibly be the nature of the beast.

Thanks for responding.
Check with the LGS that have classrooms and see if they already have instructors using them. Same with ranges. You will probably need to schedule with them and more than likely pay a fee for the insurance, and sign liability waivers for your students.

I have never been to his class, but my understanding is the Charles Cotton in Friendswood, is top notch. Maybe he would let you sit in on a class to get some ideas.

The very first class we taught had about 20 people in it. It was the hardest money I ever earned. It isn't as hard now, but at the end of a 12 hour day with a full class, I am pretty well spent.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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