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Chronographing 38spl 135gr GDHP for Short Barrels

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I had a chance to play with the chronograph last week and decided to test the Speer Gold Dot 135gr +P load for short barrels.
For the test I used my S&W 340PD which has a 1 7/8" barrel and for comparison, I also used a 4" S&W model 19.
The reason I chose the 340 is that it's the shortest barrel I own and the 4" 19 because it's a very popular barrel length.

Temperature was 85 degrees, no wind, F1 Chrony set at 10' from the bench.

SW 340PD:

1) 884.2 fps
2) 853.5 fps
3) 864.1 fps
4) 871.9 fps
5) 866.0 fps

Average 867.9 fps.
Power floor 117,171.9
Muzzle energy 225.855

These results are NEARLY identical to Speer's published results. I must say that I was really surprised.

SW 19

1) 1040
2) 990.9
3) 1006
4) 1033
5) 963.3

Average 1006.6 fps.
Power floor 135,896.4
Muzzle energy 303.811

This ammo is really fiesty in the 12oz 340PD but was a pleasure to shoot in the 4" 19.

On a side note, I have also fired this ammo in the dark with my 340 and the muzzle flash was very low.

There you have it, FWIW.
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Thx HV - always good to get test figures and even better when they are close to manufacturer spec.

Particularly noteworthy is the energy disparity between short and longer barrels - predictable of course. Thx for the informative post.

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Thanks. I enjoy testing just about everything to see if the manufacturer's results are comparable.

Next I plan to put some 45acp Taurus 185gr HEX, and Corbon 185gr +P DPX over the Chrony and see what the REAL difference is. :wave:
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