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Class 3 hoops?

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Ok, after seeing that vid in the "Off Topic" folder, the Russian girl with the 9mm M16 conversion, I gotta ask if anyone can give a rundown on the hoops one must leap thru to own such a weapon, or link to a site which does so?

(Owning the rifle, not the girl :embarassed: )
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Probably a screaming deal compared to what the girl would cost you...:smile:

QKShooter said:
He should be able to help you out.
He da Fully Automatic Man around here. :biggrin2:
I'm waiting to see Class3's response as well. My guess would be the background check and $200 tax to the BATF, transfer fee from the dealer, and $15k for the AR. I'm sure he can give more details on the exact process.

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Not a big deal....depending on where you are at.

First of all, it must be legal to own in the state that you are in. If it is then you can proceed...

Get the paper work. You can get it free from the BATFE websight or the your local dealer may already have it.

Fill out the paper work. This includes two fingerprint cards that must be filled out. Everything is done in duplicate.

Get you local CLEO to sign it. It must have his signature. If you're in a city it'll be the police chief, in an unincorporated area, the Sheriff.

You must get 2 2x2 photos and attach one to each form.

The serial no. of what you are purchasing must be included. Your dealer can help with this.

A money order or check for 200 must be included.

After the background check clears, the BATFE will send you one of the forms back, this will have the 200 tax "stamp" on it. This is yours to keep and it must accompany your weapon or suppressor wherever it goes.

The instructions are included on the paperwork, as well as the address.

Once you get the paper work, then you can purchase the weapon and pay whatever cost the weapon is. Some dealers want half the money up front, the other half is payable when you have the paper in hand.

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Hot Guns nailed it.

Good Job.

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HG nailed it good........The one other thing I would say to do is, Take a color photocopy of the Approved Form 4 and keep it with the weapon. Store the original in a safe place (safe deposit box/ safe, etc. Also, when transporting, especially out-of-State, you'll need to get permission, so you'll need to file to Form 5320.20 with the BATF <no big deal> and then you're good to go with the weapon <if you're going to a show, or out-of state shoot>......BTW..........I've recently heard from a few SOT Dealers, and guys that I know, who have NFA weapons, that somebody, somewhere is offereing for sale, the "stamps" If you see something like this. DON'T FALL FOR IT. The ONLY way you'll get a legal one, is thru the BATF..........they are S/Nd and DO have the S/N of the weapon on it...........I don't know if it's true or not (as I haven't actually seen this for myself> but You'll get into big doo doo if ya have one of these .. Personally, I think it's just a rumor that was started, but ya gotta cover your butt when it comes to this stuff.

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My apologies to HotGuns...I plumb forgot that HotGuns is also "up" on the multiple repetitive "boom quick boom" guns.
Good helpful answers folks!

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Or, for those of us who purchase guns under a corporate umbrella due to hostile local CLEOs or a lack of desire to beg to sheriff mommy for a new toy, skip most of the steps.


Print out Form 1/Form 4 depending on whether I'm making or receiving.

Pull out copy of articles of incorporation to include in package.

Print out Citizenship affirmation form (required these days on all NFA transfers)

Write out check for $200.

Send everything certified to ATF address on form. The send certified I can't recommend more after dealing with bureaucracy- this way you can hold someone's head to the fire, even if they only ever do sign "NFA Branch" on the receipt. ;0

Wait 15-45 days for a corporate transfer, since it doesn't require a background check or fingerprints or other invasive stuff.

Contact engraver during that time (if Form 1) to put corporate stuff on receiver/barrel/suppressor etc. ;0

Enjoy once stamp arrives.

My 51's out for engraving as I got back the certified receipt and it's pending. ;0
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