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Older I get - more I turn into my Mentors & Elders.
Learning all sorts of stuff about this "work harder not smarter" they kept speaking of.

-Hey, I can go shoot a gun a gunsmith just built/ repaired while he cleans my gun(s). I get a clean guns back, he gets dirty ones in return.

-Been instructing a lady on shotgunning, smart as a whip...
"so actually me cleaning the shotgun you used , and mine has nothing to do with me learning about inspection and maintanence, just allows you to sip coffee and steal brownies from my kitchen". Like I said - smart lady.

-Yes I have my "druthers" when it comes to equipment. My contention has always been [learned from Mentors & Elders and observations] most folks do NOT take care of what needs taking care, spend too much on what really does not, and the improper use of whatever they choose to use. These "methods" result in more harm to firearms, than firearms being shot.

- I pass forward as passed to me. This is the way it is supposed to work. So my Mentors & Elders had those grins for reasons...
I noticed my lady student was letting a teenager clean a firearm of hers under supervision, sipping on a soda, munching on a candy bar with one hand, pointing out stuff with the free one.

Like I said - smart lady, caught on fast. *smirk*

Never the tool - intent of user of said tool.


1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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