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Colorado Outfitters Association response to the Gun laws

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I sent a letter to the Colorado Outfitters Association letting them know my business will go to another State after Hickenlooper signed the gun laws. Here is their response

"thank you for your letter and concern. COA shares your dissatisfaction, frustration and strong disapproval of Colorado's gun rights grab.

As an Association we have been strong advocates for responsible wildlife management and Colorado hunters’ rights for both residents and non-residents for years. And every year we face new issues. We all understand that this gun legislation is just the latest issue in the on-going battle that gun owners across the country face.

Although we agree with your strong feelings we would like for you to reconsider your decision to boycott Colorado, and instead we ask that you show your support for our efforts to promote hunting opportunities for all sportsmen and women. We support and promote hunting rights, and it’s people like you who fund a large portion of wildlife programs. We also would like to thank you for voicing your concerns. Your letter was among many that we have received, and we voiced these opinions to our legislators about the unintended consequences of this misguided legislation.

Colorado Outfitters Association has begun to raise money to fund our battles against issues such as gun rights, and Colorado Parks & Wildlife policies regarding Non Resident license allocation, Non Resident participation in the Ranching for Wildlife programs, Management for quality and quantity of abundant wildlife populations, and cutting back on their excessive spending, to name a few.

This year COA established a Sportsman’s Defense Fund, with sweepstake prizes (including hunts) as a way to thank donors. These funds will help us continue to promote sportsmen rights and allow us to sponsor new legislation regarding hunting and wildlife issues. If you’re interested please check out our website at Colorado Outfitters Association - Hunting, Fishing, & Outdoor Recreation Guides and Outfitters .

As a previous supporter of Colorado we ask that you help us in our fight. We need the support of you and your friends now more than ever.

Thanks again for voicing your concerns and for your support."

Colorado Outfitters Association

Board of Directors

Colorado Outfitters Association - Hunting, Fishing, & Outdoor Recreation Guides and Outfitters

[email protected]

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One of my closest friends lives in Colorado Springs. Every winter we do a long guys weekend in CO, skiing, watching college football, having a few adult beverages, telling lies (I mean stories). There are between 5 - 10 guys that travel to CO for the trip. I'm guessing we each spend a couple of thousand dollars over the course of the trip. We've already discussed this fall's trip and decided we will not be going to CO. Will find ourselves in NM or maybe Utah.
This is something COA needs to hear so they can send all this to the Colorado Tourism Bureau and show the Colorado legislature the impact.
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