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We own a second home in a small mountain town near Colorado Springs were we reside 4-5 of the summer months.

I inquired with the El Paso County Sheriff's office about obtaining a Resident Conceal Carry Permit and they stated I would need a Colorado Drivers License.

I then pointed out that:

1) Colorado Statues did not specify that a CO DL is required,
2) I would qualify to purchase a firearm in Colorado because I have proof of identity [KS DL] and proof of residence [Property Tax Statement / utility bill].

After review they have replied that yes I can use my KS DL and Property Tax statement to apply for a Colorado Resident Conceal Carry Permit. A KS license is valid for 4-years and a CO permit for 5 years.

My Kansas CCL + Colorado permit would add 5 more reciprocal States. :banana:
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