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A email letter from the Sheriff reply to support letter.

Mr. (XRemovedX),
Thank you for taking your valuable time to share your thoughts. And thank you for your service! I have been working with other Colorado Sheriffs in response to the recent excessive gun legislation in Colorado. Yesterday we stood together in opposition to these unenforceable laws. I sat across the street from Obama's big show and heard how he misled the American people. He spoke of urban and city mothers listening to each other and of coming together for common sense laws. It was rhetoric with no truth to it. You need to know that not ONE rural sheriff was invited to the round table discussion he showed off or the invitation only event. We were approached by members of the Denver Police Department who wanted to stand with us against this new legislation and they were forbidden, and yet they were coerced into be a back drop for the president - an ethics complaint has been filed by officers. What the president said may have sounded good, it was a LIE. No one is listening to the other side. Please watch and share this video and promote it to everyone you know - we have got to get this viral and take the wind out of the president's big flashy show in Denver that was based on his showmanship and not the truth.
Find the video at: A Colorado Sheriff Responds To President Obama - YouTube

Let's get this viral and share the truth with EVERYONE! Remember, for this to happen, this has to spread in the next 24 hours!

Sheriff Shayne Heap
Elbert County Sheriff's Office
751 Ute Avenue, Kiowa - CO 80117
303-805-6105 Office
303-621-2055 Fax
@sheriffheap Twitter
ECSO web site - Elbert County Sheriff
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