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Colt Delta Elite Glock 29 or S&W 1066?

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Ok now
Most of you know how I operate.. wheelin and dealin for stuff I lust for <MMMMMMMM GUNSNNNS Homer Simson voice>
Now, I know where I can get my greedy little hands on a Colt Delta 10MM 98% finish, with tons of goodies, extra mag, and many extra parts <like the Lightweight Commander I bought a couple weeks ago>The delta is tagged for for 625.00. I also have a Glock 29 no frills gun, at the same dealer on hold, for 465.00. Also, there is a Smith 1066 with box, extra mag and such with night sights for 495.00 there as well. BTW.Smith only made 5000 model 1066's The trouble is, I can't take all three, soooooo I gotta decide. I've had a Delta when they first came out, and it shot well. I've held the Glock and it feels a bit strange to me. I've also fondled the Smith a couple of times whhile I was there, and it feels like a Smith LOL. I'm thinking on these terms in both a carry, shoot-em-up, and good price return on a trade someday gun. ALL 3 have the boxes extra mags etc. BTW the 1066 has been there for ages, and the Glock and Delta JUST came in.. Sooooooo what do you think?
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I have had a Glock 29sf for a lomg time, and it is a fantastic shooter. I just went to the range and shot some Buffalo Bore 220 gr/1200 FPS/703 ft lbs. (a little less from the 29) It kicked more than the regular stuff but still was quite manageable at self defense distances. I would not try anything else but a Glock. I am a soccer for reliability when it comes to firearms. I wish there were an XD, HK, SIG or FN in 10mm, but until then, among the choices given, I stay with the Glock. In fact I am a looking for a G20 4th G now (hard to find).
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