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Just got back from Mike Rayburn's Combat Shotgun class at the S&W Shooting Sports Center, a day well spent. :yup:
Some of the things we covered;

* Dispelling The Recoil Myth
* Proper Mounting & Stance
* Combat Loading
* Movement
* Rapid Firing
* Ready Positions
* Under arm Shooting
* Hip Shooting
* Low Light

I would highly recommend anyone who is serious in using a shootie for home defense to invest in training.
Mike took his point shooting knowledge and applied it to the shotgun in the class . He taught us that the body will instinctively react to stresses when your fight or flight response kicks in. How to use those natural reactions while applying the shotgun as an effective tool.
What surprised me the most was how accurate you can be without the use of sights. Breaking that target shooting mentality didn't take long, especially after seeing first hand the results.
A quote that sunk in, "There's no time in a SHTF situation to sight up your weapon, if you hesitate you're dead." :knockedout:

Train, train & train some more!!:smilez:

Point Shooting Instruction - Rayburn Law Enforcement Training
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