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Compare CZ100 and Skyy CPX-1

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Ok here is a size comparision. Length CZ100 7.1" CPX-1 5.7" Hieght CZ100 5.1" CPX-1 4.0" Weight CZ100 1.5 lbs PCX-1 1.1 lbs. Width CZ100 1.2" CPX-1 1.0" Cap. Cz100 13+1 CPX-1 9+1 Holding a CZ100 in my hand gives me a idea as to how is new pistol fits into the carry program. Seems that this new pistol might fit into lots of peoples budget, and work well,as either a BUG or a primary piece for times when you want the option of a lighter and smaller carry piece that has some bite to go along with it's bark.
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The CZ100 is wonderful IF you can accept the DAO trigger.

My 9mm version would eat anything and was reasonably accurate.

CPX looks like a POS to me. Someone will prove me wrong, i'm sure.
I've put about 700-800 rounds through my CPX-1 to date, and have filed a couple of range reports and other posts thereon. Yes, its smaller than the CZ, but other than that, I've never shot a CZ so I can't make any vaild comparisons.

I am still evaluating the gun for CC - I have a Glock 17, and the wife has a Glock 26, among others, so its not like I'm running around naked in the meantime. Time will tell.
I have smoothed the trigger up a lttle on the CZ100, and it shoots well. Eric is making a holster for it. I had never heard of Skyy before reading about it here. It seems to be a nice little piece to have when you had to go small and light. The CZ100 carries a few more rounds than the Skyy,but come on we are not swat team members. Well not all of us.:image035: A small pistol with a round that bites as well as barks, "I'll take one of those please." The size differance is not great, but some people might like to know that there are great little pistols out there.
I've never been a fan of DAO pistols and until I bought a P-3AT, never owned one. The only reason I got the K-T was it was the most firepower I could get in the smallest package. One of the thing's I like (and one of the main reasons I decided to get a DAO pistol) is how smooth the SKYY's trigger is compared to other DAO's I've tried. I also liked the size, obvious quality and the price. Though they weren't the deciding factors individually, as a total package, the SKYY was too hard to pass up.

I have a Bersa Thunder 380 as well as the SKYY 9mm. I like my Bersa and won't part with it any time soon, but the SKYY is about the same size (and a bit smaller in some areas) as the Bersa, is lighter, holds the same number of rounds, costs about the same and shoots the more powerful 9mm vs. the 380 ACP.

I've owned Bersa's of some sort for close to 30 years and think they are one of the best kept secrets in concealable handguns you'll ever find. However, if it came down to being able to only own one or the other, I would have to go with the SKYY... more "bang" for the buck and more stopping power than the Bersa in the same size package.

The only reason at this point I would consider replacing my SKYY CPX-1 is if the new SKYY MPX lives up to it's advance PR. If it does, I may have found my perfect BUG/summer carry gun and my wife will find the P-3AT in the glove compartment of her truck, next to her S&W Lady Smith 38.
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I have a cousin who has a Bersa .380 that he really likes. I had my eye on the CZ100 for quite a while in my dealers case. It feels real good in my hand, and this little puppy shoots to. If I had known about Skyy would I have gotten one over the CZ probaly not as I did some trading with my dealer. But after looking at it who knows I may end up with one later.
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