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Concealed Carry In Hawaiian Bathing Suit

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Just thought that I would share this tastefully executed and marvelously rendered TROPICAL Handgun Pic with you all. :biggrin2:
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Tropical? Yes.
Marvelously rendered? Yes.
Executed? Should be.
Tasteful? Well.....IMHO....NOT!

Pretty good job though, to say the least!
Patterns like that should be limited to handbags...

I'm apalled, honestly. :haha:
Should be a law against abuse to guns! :18:

I do hope we are looking at an Airsoft:gah:
I'd hate to bring THAT to the range...
NOOOOOO!! Not the HK :gah:
For a Glock maybe, an HK ,NEVER!
No Need To Shoot The Bad Guy

Just "pistol whip" him unconsious...while he is rolling on the ground laughing at your handgun. :rofl:

Now These Are MUCH BETTER in DuraCoat Finish:yup:
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The green color is bad enough, but flowers yuk
QKShooter said:
Now These Are MUCH BETTER in DuraCoat Finish:yup:
I'm kinda partial to that "digital camo" look on the middle rifle :hand10:
rocky said:
For a Glock maybe, an HK ,NEVER!
Glocks come in Black and should stay in Black. Basic, EVIL Black.....:twak:
Well....there goes a perfectly good USP ruined!
Oh no, no, no, you poor little USP! I should take you home and clean you up. :gah:
that would go GREAT here in Florida.

If I had that sitting around the house, one of the dogs would pee on it.
Well, you do want to have great camo in the area that you are in.... I bet you could hook that to your suit in the open and no one would spot you.

But then again, I prefer the duct taped compact under a roll of fat, works better at the nudie beach :blink: *


*I wished I could find that post again that someone wrote about concealed carry at a nude beach.... funny as heck.
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