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Conversion Barrell XDSC

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I understand that the XDSC in 40sw can be converted to 9mm. I am not really fond of the snappy 40 but like the idea if having 2 calibers in one. So I was curious if anyone has the XD40sc and has converted it to 9mm and using it for carry in 9mm?? Would you be unwilling to carry a conversion barrell??

I would just get the XD9sc but heck if I can have the option of 2 calibers, why not?
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Bar-Sto makes one for XD. $205. You'll want 9mm mags, and potentially some internal parts (ejector, extractor?). They aren't needed with GLOCK, but I don't know XDs all that well.

And yes, you'd be nuts to carry a gun with a conversion barrel in it.

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