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Would you Carry a 9mm Conversion Barrel? Please explain your answer, thanks!

  • YES: As long as it performed flawlessly when tested, I would CCW

    Votes: 24 75.0%
  • NO: For a CCW, I would not feel comfortable with a Conversion barrel

    Votes: 8 25.0%
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I am thinking of picking up a G27 or a G33, and due to the converison possibilities of these, i essentially can have 3 great calibers in one gun. This question is not about caliber or stopping power but about the reliability of conversion barrels, specifically changing a G27 or G33 to 9mm and CARRYING the conversion barrel. Now, I understand that the 27/33 are interchangeable so there would be no issues with converting them back and forth. The only potential problem might be when converting the 40/357 to 9mm.

I have read as much as I find about this type of conversion and 99% of the reviews and reports are positive. I know some people might ask why carry the 9 if you have a 40 or 357 and my answer would be..... if after testing all the calibers, I find that I control the 9mm much better, ie I am much more faster on follow-up shots and more accurate. Then I might want to carry the 9mm conversion. Also for a do it all gun, 9mm is widely available.

I guess I what I don't get is If there is no damage to the original parts, and there all these people using the conversion barrel with no reliability problems, then what's the issue with carrying a conversion barrel??
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