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Couple Of LGS Stories For You

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First story is pretty short. After much self debating between a .22 auto or a single action big bore, I flipped a coin and settled on this little guy. I think that already having a big bore revolver but not having a .22 auto is pretty much what tipped the scales but the SA revolver will continue to be on my list of must haves.

I haven't even started to search for a holster for it yet but it's obviously not going to need to be for EDC purposes, mainly just a plinker and will be great for any new shooters I'll be taking out. However, I am interested in hearing from others if someone has a good suggestion in a rig that they have set up with the Buck Mark. There is no doubt that this will be an absolutely FUN gun to plink around with and the thing just melts in my hand with those grips. For some reason, I'm also thinking that I will be losing this gun to either my wife or my youngest son. (And BTW, I got a chuckle while doing paperwork on a .22 and having to endure a 10 day wait, all while I was carrying a .45 ACP with 2 spare mags. lol)

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So, on to story #2, AKA Morons with Magnums.

As I'm standing there at the counter before doing any paperwork on the new purchase, the kind gentleman behind the counter working with me completely interrupts me and addresses the man, (AKA Moron #1) in line behind me. The kind gentleman, we will call him the clerk, motioned to #1 to hand him his rifle and asked what he could do for him. During the exchange, I immediately noticed why the clerk honed in on #1. #1 decided to disregard all common sense and ignore the sign on the door which states something like, "All Firearms Brought In Must Enter With Action OPEN."

Once he had the gun in his possession the clerk pretty much completely ignored what #1 was saying while he pointed it away from everyone and opened the bolt on what appeared to be a magnum caliber bolt action rifle. The clerk looked right at me with a PO'ed look on his face and I just rolled my eyes.

My dad and a very good friend also accompanied me to the LGS, (each one of us buying a gun that day if I may add) :smile: and it wasn't 3 minutes later when Moron #2 walks in with his bolt action rifle, closed up tighter than a ducks backside. Dad says, "There ANOTHER one." So not waiting until #2 gets noticed by an LGS employee, I said, "Sir? Excuse me sir?" and tapped him on the shoulder, he turned around and I kindly told him that he's going to have to open the action on the rifle. So, apparently I'm the idiot according to the look I got from #2 but I don't give a rip. I very kindly gave him a suggestion that could possibly help avoid something very bad happening. :dunno:

I usually don't say much to people but this is the kind of crap that hits the news when negligence is allowed to run amok and people die. Besides, very shortly after his bolt slid open, the same clerk that was helping me was making his way through the crowded store to meet and greet #2 anyway so I imagine there's just "idiots" no matter where this guy visits. :rolleyes:

I later thanked the clerk for taking action when he did with #1. He told me that if he had a dollar for every time someone came in with a loaded, not just a closed action on a firearm, he could retire. What the hell is wrong with people? This ignorance has to stop. So to all of you good people who have the experience, teach people well every time you are given the chance.
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Lots of people go through live blindly being morons. They get by in life because most of the time they can get away with it. But when it comes to mixing morons like you encountered with Guns it can get very dangerous.

I'm glad that you and the clerk were paying attention. Kudos to you for stepping up and speaking to moron #2. Being looked at like you are an idiot is better than being looked at dead.
I've never heard of anyone unhappy that they bought a Browning Buckmark. Well Done!

I've never heard of a gun store with a "NO MORONS" policy. But (if they'd let me in) I sure as hell would be a regular, paying customer. Guns don't have ND/AD issues. Only STUPID PEOPLE have ND/AD issues. Again, Well Done!
Glad they were receptive to correction. Sometimes those same morons get all hollier than thou and obviously do not realize their ignorance. What did your dad and buddy buy? I need a .22 handgun!
Glad they were receptive to correction.
Agreed! The only thing worse than a bonafied bonehead is one who is incapable of making a mistake. Yet it seems those traits sometimes go...together. :blink:
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Thanks ghost, can't wait to shoot it.

BigJon Funny you mention the .22. Not sure if you're talking about a rifle or not but that's what my dad bought. He wanted to pick up just an old .22 single shot rifle, something that he could shoot S, L and LR in. It's an older Remington but not sure what model.

Our buddy ended up buying a NIB stainless Ruger Single 9 .22 magnum.

We all felt that we should buy something to help combat the "reported decline in firearms purchases in America." :hand5:
I'd MUCH rather hear of a "reported decline in re-elected legislators in America". (Sorry, I could resist the off-topic opportunity.)
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