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Crazy robbery video

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I'm not sure if this is real but never the less it presents mutliple topics of discussion. Did the man need deadly force? Did he pull the gun at the right time? Were the last two shots warrented? Where is he dragging that body too? I think there are things he did well and things he didn't do well.

Warning:This is graphic
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I can make a more realistic video in my basement
"Hokey-dokey". No smears, too much restraint. If you checkout some documented hold-up shootings, you see a lot more ducking, a lot more motion, and a lot more shooting. Did not seem to be enough adrenaline to be real. Unless of course this was "in da' hood", in which case this was probably # 4 that night, and the clerk was taking him out to the stack, and getting PO'd about all the mopping he was going to have. :biggrin:
This was a spoof - there is a vid on showing it as such.

Tried to find link but couldn't. Anyways - it showed the shooter setting clothe's stand back up and ''victim'' gettin' up etc.

Yep, that's a spoofer.
Please Note Though...I would much rather have a forum member post a thread that turned out to be a spoof than for a member not to post or open any threads at all.
Thanks for taking the time to participate & contribute to the forum.
Your effort sure is appreciated. And please don't allow a lil' boo~boo video stop you from posting in the future.

I have "put up" a few past threads (that I bit on) that turned out to be totally bogus. :tongue:
Agreed QK - it's impossible to stay on top of all the stuff ''out there'' - I have found something in past that seemed new and then discovered it was posted - like - years ago :biggrin:

No prob's seeing again anyways.
Anybody Remember?

The 200 Authentic UPS uniforms that were being sold on Ebay & (haha) were being used by impersonators to gain front door access to folks homes & DELIVERY Entrances to assorted businesses.
I sure bit on that one & posted it as a warning. :rofl:
That turned out to be a total hoax.
I don't remember if I posted that here (before we moved) or on
New Perspective

When I posted this I pretty much believed it had to be fake for all the reasons listed above. However I was still hoping it would generate some discussion about the scenario. Thanks for your views.
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