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Crimson Trace Grips For your Glock

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Attaches to the backstrap and using trigger pin

Kinda intersting would like to feel a set first To see how much it fattens up the backstrap
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Personally , I think that is as ugly as the AR 15 carry handle laser they make. But to each their own. sorry, I have not handled 1.

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Not having a Glock it ain't gonna feature in my inventory but - I guess this was the best they could do, considering poly frame etc.

They ''appear'' fugly as hell but assuming they are well registered in position then I expect they will be every bit as good as any I have.

I am I guess comparing integral grips - which once on the gun are ''part of it'' - compared with this which is much more an ''add-on''.

I respect CT's work tho and imagine they have pretty much got this buttoned up or it would not be available..
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