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Crimson Trace LG-417 in an IWB Holster

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I carry a Glock 23 in an IWB holster ("The Answer" by Tucker Gunleather). I am thinking about getting a laser sight. I have always been impressed with the Crimson Trace laser sights and their auto-on as soon as you grip the gun. I see they have a new laser for the Glocks, a model LG-417. Has anyone tried this in an IWB holster? If so, any problems?

The other sights I am considering are LaserMax. Either their new Sabre model or one of the internal guide rod sites. I know the guide rod type would fit fine in my holster -- no change to the outside of the gun. But if I use one of those I have one more thing I have to do when I draw the gun -- turn the laser on.

The Sabre with its big beaver tail looks interesting. But again, what does that do in an IWB holster? Is the draw effected? Is concealment effected?

I would love to hear from anyone who has used any of these in an IWB holster.

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Also don't forget this new puppy as a possible Laser for Glock option.

I've never actually seen or tried one yet so (of course) I can't recommend it - I am only letting you know that it is yet another new and available option.

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That's one of the new LaserLyte sights, isn't it? It looks very interesting. Obviously it would work with any IWB. I wonder how the quality compares to CT and LaserMax. Has anyone here tried one?
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