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Critical Action Needed To Push Pro-gun Agenda In Idaho

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Your communication with elected officials is needed to help build momentum for two NRA-sponsored bills, carried by Senator Gerry Sweet (R-20) and Representative Bill Sali (R-21A), that are scheduled to be heard in the Idaho State Senate Judiciary & Rules Committee on Monday afternoon. Monday's hearing is a "print" hearing at which the committee will vote on whether to print and number the bills for introduction. It is the very first, but critical, step in the legislative process.

Currently, the two bills should be referred to by their "routing slip" numbers. Please contact the members of the Senate Judiciary & Rules Committee (contact information below) and urge them to support for RS 15636C4 and RS 15712C1. Leave a message for your Senator as well because the Senators DO talk to each other and, even if your Senator is not on the committee, he or she may be talking to Senators who ARE on the committee.

RS 15636C4 is a "Right-to-Carry" reform bill. It would extend the term of Idaho concealed weapon permits from four to five years and, like driver's licenses, it would require that renewal notices be sent out prior to permit expiration. Additionally, this proposed bill would repeal the requirement that a person obtain a concealed weapon permit if she only carries a concealed weapon in a vehicle. Under current law, anyone who can lawfully possess a firearm can carry it OPENLY in a vehicle but that isn't always the safest manner to keep a firearm in a vehicle. This bill will allow law-abiding citizens to carry concealed in a vehicle without a permit. Also, RS 15636C4 would allow concealed carry by law-abiding citizens anywhere outside city limits without a permit. This is how the law is in Montana and, not surprisingly, it works very well there. Help protect and enhance the rights of law-abiding Idaho firearm owners and out-of-state visitors who visit Idaho by motor vehicle and who carry firearms in their vehicle for protection and other lawful purposes by urging Senators to support RS 15636C4!

RS 15712C1 is an "Emergency Powers" bill. All NRA members should be well aware of what happened in New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Law-abiding citizens were stripped of their firearms by some overzealous law enforcement officials. NRA was forced to file a lawsuit to stop this egregious violation of the rights of people who were only trying to protect their families and property. This bill would simply clarify that, during any state of emergency, no government official shall impose restrictions on the lawful possession, transfer, sale, transport, storage, display or use of firearms or ammunition. Help ensure that New Orleans-style tyranny will never happen in Idaho by urging Senators to support RS 15712C1!

Messages for legislators can be left at 208-332-1000 or at 800-626-0471 for people outside the Boise area.

For a list of the Senate Judiciary & Rules Committee members please visit:

To send an email please click on the following link:

For additional contact information please visit:
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