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Crossbreed SuperTuck - just made a discovery!

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For about two years, I've had a SuperTuck for the XD 45 Compact. Guess what I discovered tonight? The Taurus PT145 fits in it perfectly!


The XD 45 Compact protrudes slightly past the bottom and the PT145 comes up just short, but body-wise, it's smack on the money!

Just thought you'd like to know....
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That's good to know. I have PT145 and it seems that there is more holsters out there for the XD45. This gives me a new search.
Yeah, the selection seems a bit limited right now for the PT145.'s discovery #2: The PT145 also fits nicely in the XD Gear kydex belt holster. No kidding.

So it would appear that just about any kydex holster for the XD 45 will also accomodate the PT145, or at least if it only holds the body.
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