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Crossbreed VS VM II

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Call me crazy, but I tried both with my G19 and G26 for a couple months, and came to the conclusion that the famous VMII just isn't nearly as comfortable as my Crossbreed.

If it helps any, I'm 5'10 190 pounds. Just thought I'd share my experiences, might save someone some money!
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Ahh, no not really.

I actually prefer single j-clips over my fancy double-loop rigs. :dunno:

You find what works for you, and run with it. :hand10:
I find that those big double leather rigs are very bulky compared with the "new" kydex rigs.
I use to run a 1911 in a VMII now its a Crossbreed for me if IWB, OWB its still my Alessi CQC
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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