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This weekend while shopping at Wally World I spied a Crossman Walther PPK/S CO2 BB Pistol. My wife and I purchased it, $62, becuase her primary carry is a Walther PPK/S in .32 ACP. Now we realize an airgun is no substitue for real live fire, but .32 ACP is an expensive monkey.

Overall Appearance - It is made of actual steel with a decent dark baked on finish. It also has simulated blowback and slide lock after the last shot. Size wise it is a spitting image. All dimensions are correct. The only point that deviates from this is the grip frame. The grip frame is about 1/2" longer than a standard PPK/S and encompasses what on a standard model would be the finger grip extension of the mag.

Magazine Capacity - 15 BBs, with the option of buying additional mags from Crossman (price unlisted)

CO2 Durability - We are averaging approx 100 shots per 12oz cartridge with velocity seriously degrading after about 85 shots.

Sights - Standard front post with square notch rear, non-adjustable. Black on black was hard to pick up so we used nail polish to make orange front and green rear. Much better now.

Controls - Leave something to be desired. Mag release is good as it is in the standard location. However, the safety is located on the right side behing the trigger area and is comprised of plastic. Honestly it feels a bit hinky. There is a fixed molded steel safety lever where you would find it on a live model.

Function - Funtion is flawless. The slide recoils with each shot providing some realism, and it locks back after the last shot. It requires the mag to be pulled to drop the slide then. Unfortunately, the hammer remains in the cocked position regardless of what mode it is in. There may be a way to let it down, but we haven't found it yet.

Dimensions - It is spot on as I've said previously. It fits all holsters perfectly, even the ones I've made for her live model that are boned extremely tight. The weight is about right, perhaps an ounce or two lighter than a real PPK/S. When reholstering you have to hold a thumb on the back of the slide because the spring tension isn't enough to over come even a little slide resistance.

Shooting - You can rip off the rounds with this thing. Crossman claims 295fps. I found I must use a six o'clock hold (dot the i) to get cosistant hits. If I must I'll file the front a bit to get shooting like her real gun. We live in town so practice in the backyard is quiet and not a bother to the neighbors. I made one squirrel in my bird feeder dance when I caught him in the ass with a BB at 25 yds (had to hold 1' high).

Overall, this is a great purchase for us. She can practice without the gear up neccessary for a range trip and it provides some realism and fun. I get to have a fun toy and torment small furry creatures.

Ask away with any questions you may have or suggestions of things to include.

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