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Custom Browning High Power

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I thought some of you might get a kick out of seeing my newly rebuilt BHP. I've had a Silver Chrome HP for years but didn't shoot it much because it ate my hand. Ray Harms at Ted Yost's shop tuned it into this:

Work done:
Strip hardchrome
High-cut front strap
Stipple front strap
Stipple rear strap
Bevel magwell
Mag disconnect removed
Trigger reset modification to .090 travel
Trigger job with C&S sear and Type II hammer
Welded on beavertail
Rear end of gun blended smooth
Flat top of slide and serrate at 40 LPI
Heinie front sight with gold line
Heinie rear sight (wrapped to slide contour, reserrated, notch opened up to
Recrown barrel
Reliability tune (included taking hump out of feed)
Custom extended thumb safety
Complete dehorn
Spegel grips (Cocobolo)
Satin matte bead blast
Blued finish

And this is what it looks like now:

The photos don't do it justice but it is VERY nice!!
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DAMN,DAMN,DAMN, thats one pretty weapon. Taint never seed a BHP liken that un. What brand of leather do you carry it in ?? Just kiddin'. Again,the work that you had done to the weapon makes it your,one of a kind weapon. You should be very proud of it. Congrats...... (You passin'out cigars ??)---------

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NICE!! Is that a nice beavertail or what??? Great job.

My BHP has some cheats applied - mostly strips of grip tape - but heck, it works and did not cost much!!! I am lucky - mine never bites me.


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Oh Matt

Your pictures don't do it justice???
Your PICS are absolutely beautiful.
Sweetest one I've ever seen.
Your grip selection was PERFECT too.
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