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This has the following modifications:
Midwest Industries forend with place for the light as you see. The light will be included. I will send the original forend with the rifle.
Aftermarket brass deflector, can't remember brand.
I have removed one spring from the trigger mechanism per MAC channel instructions. This reduces the trigger pull by four pounds. Assuming I can find the spring I'll include that in shipping. If I don't find it before it's sent away I'll send it as soon as I do.
Custom paint job as you can see.

It shoots well, functions reliably, and is accurate as far as I've taken it. I'll want to keep the sling but if you want the Lucid HD7 dot-sight add 125.00 to the price of 1400.00 shipped. If you're within, say, three hours of Montgomery AL I'll be pleased to meet you somewhere for delivery and charge you 1400.00 for it if you agree to buy me lunch and fill my gas tank back up.

I will look favorably on any trade you would offer for this that includes at least 700.00 in cash. Total value for a trade plus cash needs to be 1500.00 if I'm going to go that route. Other firearms, computers, exercise gear, ammunition would be given first consideration.

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