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My favorite carry is what I am wearing right now. It consists of a Storm King quilted vest with a self-sewn in ballistic nylon pocket. An Uncle Mikes clip on holster holds my Colt Dick Special on a weak side, butt forward, position. Very comfortable and well hidden.:D
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Snow Today In Pittsburgh

Walrus 2034 - Good Idea.
I always liked the Colt \"Dick Special\" - I sold mine \"back when\" & I\'m sorry that I did.
I\'m about to go out & do some food shopping....real soon like.
A good, lazy day for me to just put a stainless steel S&W J-Frame Centennial in the ol'leather winter coat pocket & make an easy day of it for \"concealed carry\" -
The S&W Centennial is a good snag free (hammerless) basically waterproof reliable lil'defensive handgun.
Double Action Only though but very nice with a tuned trigger/action job.
It gets a great \"butter smooth\" DA trigger pull with just a little internal polishing.
Happy Holiday Season To You.

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