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OK FOLKS....I just did this really QUICK in some scrap leather & popped a fast pic of it for the forum.

Many folks trying to make their own Holsters & Knife Sheaths in Leather & KYDEX have trouble cutting nice looking perfect belt loop slots.
This works EASILY on even the THICKEST leather & Perfectly in KYDEX also.

Here is my own nifty little secret.

(1) ~ Punch your intended slot end holes with a hole punch.

(2) Hold a new, sharp, Utility Knife Blade perpendicular to the leather or KYDEX & carefully do small taps on the the back of the blade forcing the blade edge down into the leather or KYDEX --- basically playing "Connect The Dots" on each side of the holes that you have just punched.
Hold the blade straight up & down!

(3) ~ If you need a Shorter Slot than the full length of a Utility Knife Blade then use a pliers and carefully snap off bits of the points of the blade until it's the correct length.

(4) ~ If you want to be really exact then score the Utility Knife Blade exactly where you want it to break with a Dremel Cut Off Wheel.
Like say at 1.5" ~ Then save that blade & as long as you cut your slots on a piece of scrap wood (& don't damage the knife blade edge) it will cut clean slots for a very long time.

See Picture Below.
I just did that one in about 30 seconds.

If you think this is a useful tip and Much Easier than trying to make a standard knife cut to cut belt slots...then please send me 50 cents in the mail. :biggrin2:

You may never be a professional knife sheath or holster maker BUT, at least your belt loop slots will look flawlessly perfect. :rofl:

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Cool, That's almost exactly what I've been doing, except I use an exacto knife and slice between the holes. Making the the perfect length blade would definitely make nicer cuts. Thanks for the tip.


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Nice, i use a dremel with an end mill type blade for my kydex slot work. Just takes a steady hand and patience.
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