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Cyclops Flashlight

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I've been hoping to pick up a Surefire E2e sometime soon, but the finances don't look like they'll work out until after Christmas...

But, I found something to get me by! At Sportsman's Warehouse today I found a Cyclops CYC-XCF for $34.99 (just marked down from $80). It's a 2-lithium cell 80 Lumen light which is the same length as the E2e but slightly thicker. I'm not convinced it's actually 80 lumens, but hey, it's plenty of light for me. Comes with a holster/pouch too.

Here's a link to the flashlight on the manufacturer's site:
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WOW I almost went for the recharegeable light until I saw the side actuator button insted of a tailcap switch. Shucks!

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Looks to be a good sturdy light at a fair price - and still I'd reckon plenty enough output.

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Hold on, don't buy it yet. We have a store here called "Sam's Club". I think you might have something similar in Spokane.
At Sam's club you can buy a 2 pack of these lights for $20 batteries included. That's not a typo, $20.
It is the same light except no pocket clip.
I bought a 2 pack for my wife, one in purse, one in car. Great little lights. They are not 80 lumens though. That is a gross exaggeration. My little Surefire E2e at 50 lumens blows the Cyclops away. At 20 bucks a pair though, it's a helluva light.

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Brinkman makes a nice $20 light too. Saw em at Walmart.
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