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Cz 75 p-01

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I am interested in purchasing a CZ 75 P-01 but am wondering if it is available in a NY compliant 10 round magazine configuration. Also, if it is available in a 10 round magazine SKU can I use high capacity magazines in it if I move to a more permissive state in the future? Thanks in advance for your answers...
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I am pretty sure the answer is affirmative to the second question because 14-round capacity magazines are readily available.

As to the first question, CZ USA should be able to answer for sure but it seems The Gunsource has it in two versions; one with the 10 round mag and the other one with the 14.

According to this, TheGunSource: CZ-USA 75 P-01 Pistol, 01199, Black Finish, Single/Dou

the 10-round version is #01199. I would still ask CZ, to be sure.
Thanks bro. :bier:
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