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Cz 75 p-01

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I am interested in purchasing a CZ 75 P-01 but am wondering if it is available in a NY compliant 10 round magazine configuration. Also, if it is available in a 10 round magazine SKU can I use high capacity magazines in it if I move to a more permissive state in the future? Thanks in advance for your answers...
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I am very happy with the CZ Phantom 9mm that I just picked up.

Feels good in the hand, 18 + 1, has been very accurate, and no failures of any kind with first 200 rounds.

Cons: I am hoping the trigger will smooth out with more work. The checkering/stippling is very pronounced to the point of almost too much. But it was bought as a range/competition gun so not so bad.
I have the Phantom, it is great, very accurate and reliable and lines up so naturally. Awesome gun. The trigger will smooth out soon. The only downside is that it tends to eject the spent brass towards your face on lighter loads, though not as badly if you have a real firm grip + locked wrists and elbows and thus a better handle on muzzle flip.
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