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CZ75 Compact for CCW?

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My current EDC is a Taurus 709 slim in 9mm. I also have a Stoeger Cougar (same as the Beretta) 9mm that I really like and do carry on occasion. I was in the shop the other day, looking to replace my Taurus (reliability has been called in to question) when I saw they had 3 CZ 75 compacts in satin nickel, NIB. I remember looking at one when I bought the Cougar but ended up with the Cougar.

Well, I made the "mistake" of holding one in my hands. Wow! Like a glove, it just felt right, a natural extension of my hand and arm. I think the compact may be a little lighter (1-2oz) than the Cougar and about 0.10" inches thinner as well. It may be easier to carry. I'm not opposed to a little more heft and some thickness is exchange for much better reliability.

My question is, does anyone here have a CZ75 compact? If so, have you carried it? What are your impressions overall of this pistol?
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Awesome gun. Dead nuts reliable, soft shooting, scary accurate.

If you're used to the slim, the bulk will take some getting used too, but once you do, you'll love it.

I miss mine, and it WILL be replaced.
I don't have the all steel 75 Compact, but my daily carry is the 75 D Compact (PCR). Awesome gun, no failures what so ever with roughly 500 rounds, great fit, etc. similar to the 75 Compact, but lighter and it has a decocker. I will be adding the all steel compact to my collection probably in nickel as it looks so nice. You really can't go wrong, but know that the trigger will need a break-in period.
Hard to beat a CZ for ergonomics, reliability, accuracy and price. While I don't carry the compact, I do carry the P-06. Size between the Compact, the PCR, P-01 and P-06 is almost identical. The P-01, PCR and P-06 weigh less than the Compact due to alloy frames versus steel frame. The P-01 and P-06 both have rails while the PCR doesn't. The P-06 is .40 cal. and Compact is available in both 9mm and .40 cal. PCR and P-01 are both chambered in only 9mm. The PCR, P-01 and P-06 are all decocker models, the Compact only is available with manual safety.
My question is, does anyone here have a CZ75 compact? If so, have you carried it? What are your impressions overall of this pistol?
For several years, I've had a CZ P-01 9mm, which is nearly identical to the 75 D PCR with the exception of the accessories rail on the fore end. It's a larger mid-sized gun, most certainly not a compact in terms of how much space it takes up in an IWB holster, but certainly it feels like a compact in the hand. The grip ergonomics are wonderful, something like a Browning Hi-Power or a Kahr K9 in terms of feel. By CZ "compact" I am assuming you mean the 2075 RAMI. The grip is seriously shorter (chopped) as compared to the P-01, SP-01 or other variants of the 75 platform. So, I can't speak to the RAMI's feel or size, though I know that several DC members carry the RAMI and love it.

The P-01 is quite a bit thicker than some of your other choices, there. At just over 1.4" wide, it does require a very comfortable holster to make it comfortable. But, assuming you do that, the P-01 can be carried all day, every day, quite easily. Ideally, I'd prefer something 0.5" thinner, 1" shorter in length, and 1" shorter in height. But very few such animals exist, and none fit my hand so well as the CZ P-01.

Highly reliable. Big, easy-to-manipulate controls on the frame. Many accessories and holsters in the after market. Many gunsmiths know the platform well.

IMO, CZ is one of the most under-appreciated brands in the firearms market today. Excellent guns. Excellent value. Extremely reliable.

Here is a range report/review that I kept up on the P-01 for some time: click, and click.
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I want a CZ...they just are so underrated.
By CZ "compact" I am assuming you mean the 2075 RAMI.
No, I mean the CZ 75 compact, not the RAMI. Right on the slide, it says CZ75 compact. Great input so far. I must say, I'm a little amazed by how much CZ's are loved. It's odd not seeing at least 20% of the posts being "it jams", "I got rid of it", "horrible customer service", etc. What a refreshing change!
IMO, CZ is one of the most under-appreciated brands in the firearms market today. Excellent guns. Excellent value. Extremely reliable.

And yes, underrated.

My P-06 is a compact 75, (that's it at left) as mentioned, railed.

Here's a link for an unrailed 75 compact, it has an alloy frame, just like mine.
You are getting ALOT of bang for your buck with that CZ. They point like a Browning HP and just feel perfect. Very easy to conceal with the right shirt, IWB holster and a real gun belt.

Cannot believe their (CZ's) prices have not gone up as they are one of the best semi's on the market.
+1 on the P-06, the only problem I've had is finding a holster that fits due to the rail. I found that a Don Hume for a G36 Glock fits well.
My question is, does anyone here have a CZ75 compact? If so, have you carried it? What are your impressions overall of this pistol?
Yes. I guess I'm a CZ addict - having the CZ-40P, CZ D-PCR, CZ-75c Stainless, CZ P-07 Duty & CZ 75 Omega. The only one missing that I would really like to have is a CZ-100B [discontinued]. IF you get one for carry, you have to make one fundamental decision - do I want / need a rail. If the answer is no, you definitely want the the PCR.

The P-07 is ridiculously accurate out of the box, feels great, shoots great, but is a little funky looking. I love this gun! I also have H&K, Sig, Glock and others.

The 75c is of high quality - on par with upper rung of all guns. Remove the slide and check out the internals. The mark of a well made gun is the near absence of any machine / tool marks. The slide is very thin and the grip is very ergonomic. One thing that makes CZ's very accurate is how the frame wraps around the slide, while most other guns is just the opposite. Also, on the compacts, the barrel locks to the slide via a single lug while the full size CZ's have a double lug. All this adds up to a gun that returns to battery in the same position every time.

The 75c Satin Stainless is a coating. It is not stainless steel, however it is a very durable finish. It is SA/DA with a manual safety. Carry is C&L or hammer down. The PCR is much more convenient as a carry weapon - it's lighter and is DA/SA with Decocker. They are both about the same size and price. IMO, the 75c SS is too pretty to carry. It's an heirloom piece...:bier:
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CZ75 compact is an excellent weapon. My EDC is a PCR but that is all personal choice. As others have said, CZ's are highly under appreciated. I doubt you would regret getting the compact.
I certainly like the looks of the CZ75...never shot one, but they 'feel' like a great firearm.:hand10:
I cannot comment on the 75 Compact, but I can on CZ quality. I have the SP-01 and it's been accurate, ergonomic, easy to maintain... perfect IMO.

If I were looking for a compact CZ would be first on my list.
I carry the P07. The overall dimensions are about equal to a glock 19 so it's a little chunky. It's as accurate as I am and it packs 16+1 rounds.

As far as customer service, I've been really happy with CZ.
I have a CZ75 and have carried it some. I've never held a 75 compact but my experience with the full size gun makes me wish I had one. The smaller size would make it a great choice for carry. The guns are very nice shooters. Accurate and reliable.
i've had cz's for almost 20 years. they feel more comfy than any other auto i've held ( including my 1911's), not to mention they've never malfunctioned on me once.

great guns, my friend :hand10::bier:
I carry my cz 75c when I am able . TT gunleather IWB. Great weapon. If it was me I would order the hi viz sights and trigger job from CZ custom, the only "weak' spots , but, unnecessary...
You guys need to stop talking about how great CZs are. You’re going to drive the prices up before I have a chance to buy a second one.
Very good carry choice. I occasionally carry a full size 75 and it's not a problem at all - if I weren't stuck on 1911s I'd get a 75 Compact for carry.

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