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Know that after months and months of waiting...

My local shop had a Duty when I stopped by to drop off the last of my CZ-USA catalogs, and also a few P-07 Duty fliers.

Sillky light SA with a hint of creep in the DA that Is
light years beyond the usual 75B camming.

And it seemed quite compact and thin in my hands.
I can't believe that a double stack 16 shot magazine
fit in a gun so Thin!

The frame would probably chew up my girly hands in no time.
I Would put on a grip sleeve of some sort.

I was delighted with the way it felt pointed..better than a Glock 19,
but still a bit blocky like a Glock.

Nancy liked it, too.

No issues with slide lock,,hard to release the slide, or mags sticking.

I can really see why CZUB and CZ-USA are so excited about this gun!

Again, it is light, compact, points well and has a superb trigger for a decocker
gun. I think that Omega trigger in SA almost made me cry:)

However, the saddest part is that with Christmas coming up and
Nancy's health insurance rates going up!

I'll probably not able able to afford one until Summertime in 2010.

Note: I didn't even notice the Bulge on the frame.I was too busy
enjoying the moment!

More Info:
NEW For 2009! Polymer Framed Compact!
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