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Dawson Precision + Glockworx = Excellent Service

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Just thought I would share with you my awesome customer service experience with these 2 companies recently

Glockworx -
Ordered an ICE Magwell + some ZEV trigger gear for my G34, fast shipping (only 6 days from online to my door on the otherside of the world). Ray at Glockworx provides sound advice and knows what works with Glocks and what doesnt, his responses to my questions and emails were both fast to reply and detailed\informative.

Dawson Precision - Home Page
Had a minor problem installing the ICE magwell (Dawson product) that I got from Glockworx, basically a sheared M2 screw into the butt plug rendered the part useless. I told Dawson and they offered to replace free of charge and even arranged with Glockworx to have the part sent with my new Dawson sights that Ray ordered the day before (Dawson couldnt export).

Anyway its good to see parts companies stand by their products and provide top class service, these are the companies that will survive the recession.

:congrats: good job Dawson and Glockworx
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