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Defensive Shotgun Article

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It's been floating on the web for a while & revised 2002 but, you might be able to glean a thing or two from it.

Click Here To read It
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Read that before and it si a good read thanks for the link i lost all my links a while back
Perfect timing, and great article! Thank you, QKShooter! I'm currently considering a HD shotgun. The article addressed several good points, and distilled a lot of information well. :smoke23:
Thx QK - actually I had not seen it before. Useful! :smile:
Super article, QK! Thanks for posting it.

I was in the process of ordering a Surefire fore-end for my Benelli M1, but found out that my shotgun is in the "early" serial number range, and they don't carry one for it.

So, gosh darn it!....You know what that means....I'm going to have to break my New Years resolution to not purchase any firearms this year and look at a new Remington 870 pump! :image035:
Interesting , thanks for posting.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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