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The following is a list of basic guidelines about what is and is not allowed while posting on our site. These rules are in addition to what is listed in our Terms Of Service. Please read through all of these sections before using our site and contact us if you have questions.
  1. You may only use one account on this forum.
    No exceptions. If you have issues with your account or need help changing your username, password, email, etc. you can post for assistance or contact us.

  2. Users shall treat each other with respect at all times on
    Ideas and opinions may be challenged, but name calling, personal attacks, or other inappropriate behavior will not be allowed and may cause your account to be banned. Harassment will not be tolerated in this community. Do not disclose private information about members without their consent (e.g. names, contact details, pictures, details about personal life, etc. - this includes private messages, social media, private messages, and email in part.)

    2a. Users shall not question or debate a moderator decision publicly on the message board. In the event of a disagreement or questioning of a moderator's decision or action users should contact the moderator(s) or admin(s) via Private Conversation. Users shall not question or debate another member's qualifications publicly on the message board. Instead, any questionable posts should be reported using the "Report Post" feature

    2b. Bashing Law Enforcement Officers: This has never passed muster here, and never will. The specific DC forum that includes law enforcement in it's focus is not meant to be a place to jump up on a self-righteous pulpit and start ripping law enforcement apart. You will find our tolerance to these kinds of posts to be at an end. "Broad brush" anti law enforcement commentary is prohibited, we encourage you to take it somewhere else.

    2c. Bashing the National Rifle Association. Defensive Carry Forum recognizes the value of the Second Amendment to our Constitution and the liberty that it grants to American citizens; liberty which is continuously attacked by those who would curtail our right to keep and bear arms. Defensive Carry Forum supports and promotes Second Amendment liberty and recognizes that the National Rifle Association is presently the leading gun rights organization in the fight to retain that liberty. Defensive Carry Forum supports the NRA in its efforts to defend gun rights. Defensive Carry Forum will not allow the NRA to be denigrated unfairly. Any posts criticizing the NRA should be carefully constructed with the understanding that the posts' value is subject to the judgement of the moderation team.

  3. Trolling behavior is not allowed on
    This includes deliberately posting inflammatory, irrelevant, or highly offensive comments for the purpose of disrupting the community or harassing another member. We also discourage "caliber war" threads and strongly encourage you not to post a thread starting one. Regardless of your level of experience, caliber is a personal preference and what is right for you may not be right for others.

  4. Discriminatory remarks of any sort will not be tolerated.
    This includes degrading and/or offensive remarks about an individual or a group of individuals based on their race, color, ethnicity, sex, sexuality, age, nationality, religious affiliation, or indeed any other basis.

  5. Member signatures shall be appropriate, both in content and in size.
    No excessively obscene or rude language/content is allowed, nor may you use it to harm, harass or insult fellow members or to spread messages which are generally forbidden. If necessary, we reserve the right to delete or edit members' signatures at any time.

  6. Member Buy, Sell, Trade Forum
    Member's selling individual personal items (non-commercial) are allowed in the Member Buy, Sell & Trade forum once a member has made 10 or more posts. All thread titles should include the state where these items are located. Items listed here must not be listed for sale elsewhere or on the Internet, including auction sites or any other forums.

  7. You may only post material and content that you own.
    Posting copyrighted material, trademarks, and other violations of the DMCA is prohibited. If you are posting a copyrighted story, our rules permit the first paragraph being copied verbatim (within quotes) with a link pointing to the rest of the article/story's original source. You should summarize the rest of the story, in your own words, after the link. DO NOT cut and paste a complete article or story and DO NOT simply provide a link without further comment.

  8. No adult rated material, links to adult rated material, or any form of nudity may be posted on this site.
    In addition to nudity, all forms of sexual content (images, jokes, etc...) are prohibited from being posted on the site. As a family-friendly forum, we also ask that you keep your language clean. Creative workarounds (the use of special characters to replace some letters) on otherwise prohibited language are not allowed.

  9. Discussion of illegal activities, except in reporting the actions of others, is not allowed.
    Discussion for the purpose of promoting these activities may subject the poster to being banned. Admission of illegal activity on your part will be removed. Anyone quoting or referencing deleted or edited posts will have their posts edited/removed as well. In short, DO NOT use this forum to admit to breaking the law, even in your distant past.
Any violation of these rules will result in an infraction up to and including a permanent ban. Please help us keep this site user friendly and report any instances of rule violations. These rules may be altered at anytime without notice so please check this page often. Thanks.
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