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Denver Post Poll: Please Vote!

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Opinion Polls - The Denver Post

Watch the wording in the questions! Trick questions!

Somebody please test this and see if it works. I already voted so I got locked out. There are several gun questions.
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Hit it.
I voted too. I live in Texas, but I wanted to make my voice heard also.
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I assume you're talking about this poll question:

Assuming state House Bill 1224, which limits gun magazines to 15 rounds, will become law, how would you vote on a 2014 ballot measure to overturn it?

A majority of people are saying that they would vote to overturn the ban.
Voted I live in Michigan but I want to help where I can. We are all in this together.
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been there, done that
I voted. Colorado is starting to look like NY or Chicago what with all of the goofy social engineering going on.
Scary combination of social-engineering type polls on that page, there. Yikes.
I voted.
Colorado has a lot of's very close!
I voted this morning, but only could find one gun-related question?

As of this morning the magazine limit question was 7% difference in favor of the anti-gun position. I wonder if the "trick" wording is having some affect of accumulating mistaken votes?
Voted. Yup, trick question, would you vote in support of overturning the ban. The unfortunate wording is such that it is obviously trying to confuse the issue and this really invalidates the results legitimacy either way.
@PPKheat, there were more questions on the right, it is a two column layout. I almost missed it too.
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