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Desantis for revolver.

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Please let me ask this.I am sure it has been beat to death but it seems most of what I find is concerning use with small autos.
I have a S&W 640.38 and am considering pocket cary for first time.I have carried in pocket before but not with a holster.I like the looks of some of the leather holsters.Mostly the ones with a hook built into the back to catch pocket.But I like price and think the Desantis looks like it would be cooler.I wear lose fitting jeans,not low hanging pants on the ground,just lose enough to be comfortable.
Those who use them,which model and do they stay put and allow revolver to come out without the holster hanging on it. In general,how do they work? I have wasted to much money over the years on good ideas that wound up in the draw. If there is something that you think stands heads above Desantis I will listed. Can you help?I will take advise as intended. Pignut
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I use a Nemisis for the LCR. It's great. When I practice my unloaded drills I can draw and point faster than any other holster I have. With my hands in my pocket and on the grip.I look like some guy walking around with his hands in his pockets.Then, hello! It naturally reholsters too.
I have had good results with the desnatis nemesis also. It protects the trigger while holstered (if you buy the right size) and the holster stays in your pocket when you draw. They are pretty cheap too.
Thanks for the fast replies.Usefull info JJ
I recently picked-up a Nemisis for my LCP, wish I would have bought one a lot sooner.
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