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Desantis speed scabbard?

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Anyone here use one these OWB Rigs for a S&W J-frame,if so how well does it carry/conceal? Also any pics a snubby being carried in one would be great as I'm trying to get an idea of how high this holster rides thanks.
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No pics but I used to carry my 3" S&W model 66-2 in one until the price on the revolver went sky high. Didn't want it in the evidence vault if I had to use it.

For CC it was marginal in the summer under a light shirt and yes I was wearing a good Beltman belt. It rode low exposing the bottom of the holster and the 66 is thicker than your J so it was more prone to printing. It was great for a winter carry holster when I was wearing heavier clothing or a coat. I'm not a big guy so I can't pull off carrying OWB like some of the big boys can.

They are a great holster, but not the best for CC IMO.

For great all around year carry I suggest a good IWB. I carry my model 36 in a HBE Leatherworks Pro TL and it dissapears under a loose fitting shirt. Most comfortable, well made holster the 36 has ever ridden in. GREAT for year round carry with easy concealment garments.

Heres a pic of the original I sold like an idiot and another I bought within 4 months thats trimmed with alligator. Great holster for a great revolver.

Old Pro TL

New Pro TL with Sharkskin

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