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Detonics 9-11-01 redux...

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Took the plunge...

Just ordered a 9-11-01 + 2 stainless Wilson Combat 8 rd. mags. Either here tomorrow or Thurs....

Now to look at holsters....
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P95Carry said:
Oh, ye that hath sinned :18:

Report back with pics and results eh!
"Father Christopher"....

As far as sins go, check out my Avatar!!!! :9: Yeah, I'll be anxiously awaiting a chance to get this one to the range.....

Now back to the "Hail Marys".....

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Yes my son! :18: ..............

''Let he who hath never sinned cast the first stone ........... ''

Don't wait or hold your breath for any stones to come from this neck'o'the woods :rofl:
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