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Diminished Capacity?

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Like most people in their 50's, I have to go to the hospital today for some tests as an adjunct to my physical.

The trouble with these tests is that I have been given some supplements and I've been told to fast from all food. I'm groggy, tired, a tad head-achy, and the docs recommend that my wife even drive me to the facility.

And yet, I have the same needs for safety and security that anyone else does. After all, a mugger doesn't know my condition from just looking at me. An aggressor might say, "Gee, that old biker is hung-over."

As gun guys, do you think I should be armed during this period? I have been given a strong drug--strong enough to clean my system and make a 250 pound weight lifter want to stay in bed.

Would you feel safe around people in this condition?
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I think that is a call only you can make, because you have to deal with the consequences. If it were me, I would be concerned about the drugs impairing my judgment and perception. If I were prohibited from operating machinery, like a car, then I would probably elect not to carry during that period. Consider that, if it is known that you were carrying while taking a drug that impairs your ability to drive, it might be considered equivalent to carrying while intoxicated. Just a thought.
I tend to agree with Tom357 on this...I seem to recall the instructors of my CCW class hitting on this and stating that taking certain medications can in fact be deemed the same as being intoxicated while be on safe side (of the law that is)....if in doubt, don't carry that day. Statistacally speaking, the odds are in your favor that you won't need it....if your wife has a CCW, then by all means let "her" protect "you" !
Only you can determine to what extent your abilities have been diminished. I personally don't think I would feel "unsafe" around someone in this condition just for the sake of the condition. That is to say, if I was confident about someones gun handling abilities and safety mindset, the act of simply carrying wouldn't make you anymore dangerous. As a chronic pain patient with four failed back operations and a degenerative spine, I frequently carry while taking pain medication, for me it's just a fact of life. But it's something that I'm continously aware of.

Now if you had to make a life & death decision involving a potential shoot scenario, there's the rub! It is a very valid point to suggest a greater liability if you are found to be carrying while intoxicated. But on the other hand, you could be in the exact same deadly situation and not have a gun...which one is worse in your opinion...I know what mine is!
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As long as it's an altered physical state with some minor emotional consequences (for example being tired makes one irritable), I think you're okay. You may be slow or in pain and it may anger you more than usual that the tea the waiter brought is unsweetened but you're in your right mind.

If it's an intellectual or emotional state (for example clinical depression) with some physical consequences (depression makes people sleepy), lock it away. You're not in your right mind.
Nicely stated Euc...I agree! :eek:

I was in a similar situation last year. I had to go in for an out-patient procedure that required sedation & wasn't allowed to drive myself home. To be honest, from the time they put the needle in and the time when we got back home about 4 hours later, I don't remember much of anything.

I left my gun at home.
You're not in your right mind.
Yes, I know. This was a 'gun' question.
Over-the-counter flu meds can turn me in a complete zombie. I can feel like I'm swimming in outer space. If my head hits a pillow, it's lights out. I don't drive if I'm like that. So I find meds that don't have that reaction. I know you don't have a choice.

I don't know what you're emotionally like if you're groggy and tired. I'm not prone to anger if I'm on flu meds, I just want to curl up in a ball in a dark corner and sleep. If your mental reactions change to the extent where you think you may not act rationally, don't carry. If your physical reactions are also impaired, consider if you can handle a firearm competantly. Since you are 100% responsible for where your bullets go, how accurate are you going to be if you're spaced out on meds?

Since you certainly do have the right to defend yourself whether you're on meds or not, consider alternative weapons that won't zip across the street into the neighbor's kid - you've got plenty of sharp, pointy things and a 250 pound body. :smile:
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I pretty much agree with what everyone else has said. I actually do know a guy that I would not have hesitated to be around when he was armed. Until they started going on heavy dosages of Percocet. After a while it started making him act completely out of character, diminished his judgment and he was, in general, a different person. I would not be around him if he were armed.
Well, it's 'water weight.'

you've got plenty of sharp, pointy things and a 250 pound body.
Pointy things, yes. I'm down to 247. Yikes.
Hope you have a bodyguard. There is no way I would be armed in this situation but you also need to be feel safe. I think you could be asking for a problem.

Not to worry. I'm back home safe, I've rested, played cards with the church elder and his wife, had a big Perkins breakfast and I'm back on my meds. Took my Harley out and scared a bunch of flat-landers back to Illinois.

(In Wisconsin, we pronouce that Ill In Noise.)

All in all, I'm grumpy, lecherous, volatile, moody, lecherous, itinerant, self-absorbed, flatuent, opinionated, hostile, lecherous, blue-eyed, too-fast-for-conditions and hungry all of the time.

On the whole, I'm feeling like my old self after the surgery.

Oh, BTW, the biker chicks at the shop look really good...
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Oh, BTW, the biker chicks at the shop look really good...
Good! That pretty much proves there is some normalcy - and lead in the pencil!! :wink: :biggrin:

I had quite a long run today with wife and some buddies - trouble is here - not yet quite hot enough for the biker chicks to be more lightly clad!! :wink:
P95Carry said:
I had quite a long run today with wife and some buddies - trouble is here - not yet quite hot enough for the biker chicks to be more lightly clad!! :wink:
Ride 'em down to Arizona. Been in the 90's for over a week and they are predicting 100 later this week. It's still cool in the shade and when the sun goes down the temp drops quickly.... :wink:

The heat doesn't bother me. Just stick a few agave cacti in the juice blender and I can tough it out.
Glad things worked out my friend. Happy to see you're atleast still lecherous. Keep on truck'n
Gentlemen/Ladies, Remember what "DUI" and "OUI" stand for. If you operate a vechicle (car,truck,ATV,snomobile,boat,aircraft) impared in this manner you are subject to arrest. This not only goes for "DUI/OUI" of alcohol and unlawful drugs, but you could (should) be arrested for "DUI/OUI of perscribed/perscription drugs also. I DO BELIEVE that this governs CCW also. Pls feel free to correct me if I am wrong in this matter. -----
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