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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to make the rounds on all of the gun forums. My name is Jim and among other things, I am an NRA membership recruiter.

As an NRA recruiter, I can offer special discounted memberships. If anyone is interested in these discounts, send me a pm with your address. I'll mail the application form to you and then you can mail it back to me when completed.

The discounts are:

One year - $25 instead of $35

Three years - $70 instead of $85

Five years - $100 instead of $125

Life - $750 instead of $1000 (You can also do the "easy pay life membership" which is $25 per quarter until $750 is paid off.)

Disabled Vet / Distinguished Life (age 65+) - $375 instead of $1000

Junior memberships (age 18 and under) are available for $15

Associate memberships (no magazine subscription) are available for $10

If you are interested, shoot me a pm here or an email to trai[email protected] and I'll drop the application in the mail to you.

If you know that you just want the One year membership for $25, I can send you the application form or you can join online via our NRA recruiter webpage - Please only use the webpage for the one year memberships as the webpage doesn't list the discounts for longer memberships. Those must be done via the application form that we send out.


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Most of us are on the $300 lifetime member program thanks to Mike (a fellow member). We sponsor friends and family here on DC and the list just keeps growing.
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