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Do U Agree W/ Dick Metcalf Firearms TOP 50

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Dick Metcalf
Metcalf’s Top 50 Firearms
Of The 20th Century

"I’m fairly confident about my top five:
The M1 Garand won World War II,
saved the world from tyranny and
oppression, established the semiauto
rifle as the standard soldier’s firearm,
and finally popularized the .30-06 on a
wide scale. The Model 1911 is simply
the most worldwide influential and
popular handgun design ever invented.
The M16/AR15 changed the face of
military/sporting rifle design as well
as the concept of caliber effectiveness
and tactics of fire. The S&W Model 27
revolver was the progenitor of all
magnums. The Browning Auto-5 made
semiauto shotgunning a world sport.
Beyond those five, my rankings are
wide open to argument, and I’d be hard
put to deny anybody wanting,
for example, to switch the order of the
guns I have numbered 26 and 27 or 41
and 42. Anyone curious about why some
are on my list and not others, or the
reason for the order, feel free to ask."

Dicks Picks Just For Kicks :biggrin:
1. M1 Garand
2. Government Model 1911A1
3. M16/AR15
4. S&W Model 27
5. Browning Auto-5
6. Glock pistols
7. Remington Model 700 series
8. S&W Model 19 Combat Masterpiece
9. Ruger .22 auto pistol
10. Remington Model 870
11. AK47
12. S&W Model 60 Chiefs Special
13. Beretta Model 92FS
14. Browning Superposed
15. Walther PP pistol series
16. S&W Model 29/629
17. Ruger Model 10/22
18. Browning Hi-Power
19. Winchester Model 70
20. S&W K-22 Masterpiece
21. Remington Model 1100/11-87
22. Luger pistols (Model 1900-Model 1923)
23. Savage Model 110 series
24. Walther P38
25. Thompson/Center Contender
26. S&W Model 39/59
27. Thompson submachinegun
28. Anschutz Model 54
29. Ruger Blackhawk/Super Blackhawk
30. Mossberg Model 500
31. Ruger P-Series pistols
32. Winchester Model 61/62
33. CZ75
34. Ruger No. 1
35. Remington Nylon 66
36. S&W Model 34/63 Kit Gun
37. Remington Model 740/742
38. Ruger GP100
39. Benelli Black Eagle
40. Remington XP-100
41. H&K MP5
42. Browning A-Bolt
43. Dan Wesson revolver series
44. H&R Topper
45. Taurus Total Titanium revolver series
46. S&W AirLite Ti revolver series
47. Straight-line muzzleloaders (all)
48. Taurus Raging Bull .454
49. Kimber Model 1911 series
50. Charter Arms .44 Bulldog
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I would swap some with the 94 Winchester (It may have been designed in 1894, but it made its influence during this century), 1903 Springfield.

For the Mod 70 Winchester, I would specifically say pre-1964. He also has the 1911 twice.
i agree with some but not the order and other could just be left out
don't see how the Ruger p series had much influence. Or the chartewr arms bulldog. Also don't see how the Raging bull is all that great, Freedom arms made the big bores first.
rocky said:
don't see how the Ruger p series had much influence. Or the chartewr arms bulldog. Also don't see how the Raging bull is all that great, Freedom arms made the big bores first.
RE: The P Series: rocky there's oodles of these things out there. I'd bet you $1 there's more Rugers floating around out there than Glocks. I agree it's not necessarily something particularly innovative but it is common. I'm shocked the Mini 14 isn't on the list either.

See what's the criteria for this list?

Historical importance?

Technological innovation?


General importance?

Too subjective.
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My top 50 are, and not in any order:

S&W revolvers, and some other one???? oh yeah,

The 50 is rounded out by multiples of the above.
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I sure would change the order a bit.

I guess "overall" importance to the world of firearms.

I would absolutely move the AK47 further up the ladder.
I don't know how the Smith Model 27 made #4
The S&W Light~Weight Air Crew .38 should be on there.
The diminutive Freedom Arm Stainless Mini should be on there somewhere.
& maybe the Walther TPH
And now...The S&W 500 needs to go onto the list I guess.
For Buds sake anyway! :biggrin:
The DETONICS as the first factory chopped .45...maybe (OK maybe not?)

Oh...cripes I could make lots of changes to that list.
But, then everybody would disagree with me instead of Dick Medcalf. :rofl:
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Not so sure on the criteria, but I think the AK needs to be a little higher based on its wide use and affordability. Top five seem pretty legit though.

Call me bias but the only notable omission is the X-frame. Maybe it's a little too new for the list, but when you're the biggest, baddest mother on the block you get on whatever list you want.
Gotta save more money...
gotta save more money...

I only own 6 out of the 50...

gotta save more money....
Hmmm - I guess not too far off but the order would not be mine - for instance #18 for BHP? - I'd place that a tad higher.

It's the sorta thing folks could discuss ad infinitum and never agree on :banana:
I'd put the BHP and AK above the 1911 and AR respectively... very USA-centric list.

I'd also include the Makerov and Torkerov pistols, Ruger Six-series (remove GP-100, it's just a refinement) replace Mossberg 500 with M97 Trench Gun (500 is refinement of the concept), add 1903 Springfield, various Lee-Enfield and Enfield variations... move the Thompson up the list, add the Browning automatic rifle, M2 machinegun and M79 grenade launcer... remove a whole lotta crap I've never heard of.
Well, for my 2 cents worth, I'd put the Colt Single Action Army on the list (yes, it's a 19th century design, but so is the Luger).

Then I'd throw out the Remington XP-100, which wasn't particularly remarkable or revolutionary and replace it with the .44 Auto-Mag pistol, which was revolutionary and ahead of its time.
You're so right.

Where's the P3-AT?

How did I KNOW (in advance) that you would not be able to resist this forum thread! :biggrin:

Hmmm... funny thing is I almost didn't. I'm curious to know why you thought I would.

Oh, forgot to add the German MG42 and MP44. MG42 basic design still in use today in the M60, M240, MG3 and several other medium/ GP machineguns.

MP44 was the first assault rifle.

QKShooter said:
How did I KNOW (in advance) that you would not be able to resist this forum thread! :biggrin:

I'd add the Springfield 03, the Colt Python, Winchester 94, move the BHP up several notches, add the AK47. That's all I can think of now. I don't think a few entries are worthy.
MP5 should be removed and replaced with the G3, which is the big boy of the whole line in the roller-locked guns.

The L1A1/FAL is a glaring omission, as is the Russian SVT-38/40 and the Browning M2 .50. There's an awful lot of sporting shotguns and other basic toys on the list - while I have no problem with them, they're not significant in many cases in the design department.

There are also too many clones and duplicates - list the first modern S&W firearm, then maybe the lightweights seperately. Ditto on some of the other choices.
Hey, I already agree with you that I would disagree with you. :eek: :biggrin:
The problem with this list is it looks like I made it. For example if I made the list, the top 5 would be something like:

1. Marlin Model 60
2. Mossberg 500
3. Smith and Wesson 686
4. Marlin 1894
5. SKS

The point is, that's what I have and what I like. It seems to me this guy just has a pretty good gun collection and picked his personal top 50 firearms out of it. When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

The other posters are much closer to right in that no one will get it perfect but these guys picks are way better. We need someone who's an expert on military weapons of the 20th century to really make this determination.
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I don't know how the Smith Model 27 made #4
I can understand this one, he should have used the original name though. The S&W Registered Magnum was the first .357 Magnum in 1935.

As gregarat said, I don't understand him not including the Winchester Model 1894, a gun that has sold nearly 8 million copies after the turn of the century.
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